Hey, I make websites!

Jan Pleva

My name is  Jan and I am web designer and web developer. You can find me hanging around in London where I currently live and work.

I enjoy complex problems that I come across all the time. For solving those I have ever growing skill-set that helps me with them; those skills are mainly in HTML,CSS,JS,PHP and bit here and there form other similar things that I came across  in my life.

If I am not doing any of these things described above, I am usually at home learning new stuff one can do with websites; if not then I am watching some random science video, or I’m out on some tech meetup, or somewhere else, but you can reach me with email any time!

Things I use to create them


I am passionate about what I am doing so I devote more than healthy amount of time to fiddle with things… When you turn on my computer you will find WAMP, Prepos, SourceTree, Chrome and Sublime Text launched on start which is my favourite setup.

When it comes down to design I call for help Photoshop and Illustrator and I’d say I am good at it.